Welcome to KONZA KIFFI family firm…


…a dream which has come true throughout generations.

Located in the Island of Pantelleria, just in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, KONZA KIFFI is a real experienche throughout taste which will make you discover the real flavours enhancing the culinary tradition of this volcanic island well-known throughout the world for its top-quality agricultural products, including grapes, capers, olives, citrus fruits, pistachio nuts and cherry tomatoes.

We draw inspiration from Pantelleria’s culinary tradition, which boasts a mixture of Mediterranean intense tastes. It’s a paradise for gourmets where we produce a wide range of delicious handmade food products, from caper tapenade to Zibibbo grapes preserve, from citrus marmelade to oregano, never forgetting to respect nature and its rhythms.


We proudly offer you the capers we pick up in our fields, which are IGP-certified (IGP is a EU certification meaning “Protected Geographical Indication” which attests that our capers are cultivated in the island of Pantelleria).

We have faced the challenge of our island, where nature is harsh but generous at the same time, and have adapted to its environment: the land, the sun, wind, hot weather, humidity, stones and shrubs. This way we have succeeded in making century-old plants blossom and bear fruits again.

Every day we make the best of this land which always gives us great lessons and products. We have chosen to live in touch with nature, with sacrifice, consistency and passion, but feel rewarded the moment you can discover our history and the love for tradition by tasting the products we offer.

Come and visit us, and we won’t let you go away without tasting our Zibibbo grapes wine or our Passito sweet dessert wine, to win you the same way Calyspo made with Ulysses.


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